How to clean your trombone slide

You will need - A clean lint free cloth, Slide cream / lube of your choice (See end of guide for advice on choosing), A water spray bottle. First thing before starting work is to find a uncluttered area to work that is flat and higher that ground level (table) so there is no chance of the slide being trodden on.
Slide cream method:
1) If the slide is attach to the bell separate the two now.
2) Separate the outer slide from the inner and place the outer on the table.
3)With the clean cloth wipe the inner slide legs clean.
4) Apply/rub in a small amount of cream on to both of the stocking inners - this is the 6"(ish) of slightly larger diameter at the end of the slide inner.
5) Insert the top inner slide in the top of the slide outer and work the slide up and down with a twisting motion. Initially starting between 5th to 7th position and working down to cover the whole slide.
6) Repeat with lower leg.
7)To ensure both legs have similar amounts of slide grease put the upper slide inner in the lower outer and work through the range as in stage 6. Also do this on the lower slide inner in the upper slide outer.
8) With a lint free cloth, wipe the inner legs clean.
9)Fit both inner legs into the slide outers and with care hold the slide extended. While holding, spray the inner legs with water.
10)Work the slide legs up and down a few times. The slide is ready for playing now.

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