Servicing and repair guide

Servicing basics - or can be taylor made to your requirements.
  • Strip down instrument and assess its condition
  • Degrease and clean, inside and out
  • Ease tight slides (excluding stuck slides, please see repairs below)
  • Degrease and clean valves
  • Replace felts, springs and corks as required
  • Grease slides, oil valves and test
Servicing prices
Trumpet / Cornet £30
Tenor Horn £35
Baritone / Euphonuim £40/45
Tenor / Bass Trombone £45/50
French Horn Single / Double £45/55
Tuba £75

Repairs - what does your instrument need?
Repairs cover everything from the removal of dents, stuck slides and sticky valves to complete instrument strip and rebuilds - See the gallery for some examples of repairs and rebuilds. Please call or email for a free estimate.